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 Since 2008,  Boneshaker  has been the practical bicyclist’s literary handbook.

Since 2008, Boneshaker has been the practical bicyclist’s literary handbook.


Ten years in the making, The Best of Boneshaker is a weather-worn collection of prose, poetry, interviews, art, and literary miscellany from ten issues of Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac.

"A philosophical love letter to life in the saddle." ESQUIRE

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10th Anniversary | Yeoman on the Front Lines: A Commuter's Daily Diary

[from BA 42-100, by Benjamin Michael Solomon]

Best American Nonrequired Reading 2008 Notable Selection

Slowly one less car spawns two less cars, two less cars spawns four, and over time we grow into...


“Literary-minded essays, poems, and interviews for the silent soldiers of the bicycle army.” UTNE READER

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From This Day Forth

[from BA 42-300]

There will always be hills, and flat tires, and forgotten locks, and snapped spokes, and sore legs, and honking cars, and wrong turns...


Boneshaker occupies a long unfilled niche by offering something relevant to the multitudes of hungry cyclists.” BIKE PORTLAND

Best of Boneshaker Full Moon Ride Schedule

Full Moon Ride Schedule | 9.24.18

[adapted from BA 43-400]

The surface temperature of the moon fluctuates from roughly +300° F during the two-week daytime to -270° F during the two-week nighttime. So please, dress appropriately…


“A companion for you and your bike. It is delightful.” MOMENTUM




“Witty and intelligent. A survival guide and source of inspiration.” MOUNTAIN FLYER

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“The next best thing to coasting downhill with the wind in your hair.” BOING BOING