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Since 2008, Boneshaker has been the practical bicyclist’s literary handbook.

10 issues and 10 years later, we're releasing The Best of Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac on 11.6.18.

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10th Anniversary | Yeoman on the Front Lines: A Commuter's Daily Diary

[from BA 42-100, by Benjamin Michael Solomon]

Best American Nonrequired Reading 2008 Notable Selection

Drivers must wish I wasn’t here, impeding their progress, asserting my right to space that was made for them. But sometimes, especially on windless sunny days like today when it’s not too hot or cold, I imagine some drivers wish they were me. Slowly one less car spawns two less cars, two less cars spawns four, and over time we grow into...


“For the silent soldiers of the bicycle army…this pocket-size pub targets its pedal-pumping demographic with literary-minded essays, poems, and interviews—a distinct and welcome change from the product-pushing focus of mainstream bike mags.” UTNE READER

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From This Day Forth


[from BA 42-300]

Please note: There will always be wind coming from both directions. There will always be hills, and flat tires, and forgotten locks, and snapped spokes, and sore legs, and honking cars, and wrong turns...


"A philosophical love letter to life in the saddle. With enough lovingly laid-out maps, poems and pull-out postcards to quicken any self-respecting graphic designer's pulse, there are also literary profiles of cyclists and philosophical essays reflecting the true utilitarian nature of bike-riding." ESQUIRE UK

Best of Boneshaker Full Moon Ride Schedule

Full Moon Ride Schedule | 7.27.18

[adapted from BA 43-300]

Maybe go further and lock your bikes at a trailhead. Look not just at the moon—that's Mars there, too....




"As a major proponent of both two-wheeled transport and small, well-packaged printed’s the next best thing to coasting downhill with the wind in your hair, really." BOING BOING

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