10+ | Pre Day: A Map for Things

10+ Boneshaker A Bicycling Almanac

Pre Day: A Map for Things

by Laura Madeline Wiseman

(10+ | Beyond issue ten—special release)

Could you want that unknown destination,

the unmarked perimeter, the new night’s

bed somewhere at a primitive site where you ride

in one way, but leave another, pockets full?


If this is an atlas, to get to the next X, the map folds,

back-sided with history and details. What

should be north turns out west. The compass needle whirls

towards treasures. A pass is a climb, then a switchback


roll down a mountain along a river into a valley.

There’s a graveyard, a cave of once pirates. Then

the road again with a friend—you need to feel lost, to stop

for what’s been dropped by mistake and hold it,


to follow a different route towards the coast. Could you

have sought this key, these symbols, this path

across the country? States and counties divide. Everywhere

options to sleep, eat, and repair are marked.


Yet there’s this new way to learn the upshifts of land

and continent, what is discarded or pitched

for someone like you to find. You get on your bicycle.

The wheel is direction, at push off the trail.

Evan P. Schneider