Cycle of Cycles [From 42-300]



icycles in every incarnation, remaking each of them all of the time.”

from BA 42-300

Most notably hidden there was a tiny white Gitane

and an even smaller red Raleigh BMX rig.

Though in general disrepair, these little machines

quickly ushered back a time

when the type of bike you rode

didn’t matter as much as jumping it

over a hill then bailing off mid-flight

to let it soar on its own accord

far into the field. Back then

there were rides we used to take

just to play Atari at a friend’s.

Oh, the dogs we used to have

to out-maneuver on these bikes

and the tricky steering we mastered

with sodas and Big Hunks in both hands.

Between the two of us we have had

bicycles in almost every incarnation

and are compulsively remaking each of them

all of the time. Even now,

as we write this, there is a bike in the next room

awaiting those 28s and the basket we promised ourselves

and there is yet another that’s ripe for selling which continues

that most beautiful never-ending cycle we know:

install, ride, uninstall, tweak, reinstall,

adjust, remove, refine, ride, sell, etc.

As much as we love them

we have to give up them up sometimes,

excellent ones that have served us well

and on and on it goes into that greater unknown future.

It’s a cycle of cycles. Bicycling, not bicycles,

an action and a purpose

and a way to move

and move

and move.

Evan P. Schneider