(Bicycles + Automobiles) 23.5" = Frenemies [From BA 43-100]


[(Bicycles + Automobiles) 23.5" = Frenemies]

by Joshua Kleiman


A relationship usually tensed


               asphalt &

               lights &

               traffic &



Suddenly calmed by 23.5”


               snow &

               ice &

               salt &



I’m relying on you to pack me a path

While quietly filtering your fumes

               through my lungs


Those held up behind don’t seem bothered

They are in awe of my

               toughness &

               self-reliance &

               foolishness &



They wait patiently and amused, since

Getting through this on two wheels and

               30 pounds

Should make it effortless on four and

               2 tons

Evan P. Schneider