The Ride [From BA 43-200]

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"That downhill in the daily commute still thrills us just the same."

from BA 43-200

That winter was a little long, and that spring a bit too harsh. It’s good to see summer inching into view, though we’re still carrying our rain gear just in case.

The earth continues to unsettle us. We can no longer reliably predict the weather—if we ever could. There is no law we can take for granted, no element we haven’t seen spun out to its extreme.

But gravity still functions, holding our wheels fast to the pavement. Cuts harden into scabs and soften into scars. Bruises fade. That downhill in the daily commute still thrills us just the same. Chains need oiling. Tubes need filling. Children need raising, so why not by bike?

Letters still need to be written to those in positions of power. Posters still need to be lovingly imagined and created, emblazoned with wheeled affirmation, and liberally applied to light posts and the like. And that full moon is still begging to be ridden under. Summer is the ideal time to wake up disoriented on a trampoline.

If you've made it through some hard months, this year or any year, we tip our hats to you. Your bravery is the shiniest tool in the toolbox, and we see you use it every day.

Honestly, we can’t think of a better guarantor of good things to come than you (

The ride is on, come what may.

Evan P. Schneider